Culture & dance retreats

Travelling, art, and dance are my elixir of life. On my travels, it is important to me to get to know the dance of the country I am visiting. Because the dance tells so much about the people and their culture. I’ve been dancing myself since I was little. Since then, dance has accompanied me through life and gives me a sense of well-being and calm, even in difficult moments. It shaped my studies and guided me in choosing my field of study. Or to put it another way: certain subjects, such as «Art History and Archeology of the Khmer/Cambodia», have brought new styles of dance into my life. For example the classical Khmer dance.
So it was obvious for me to combine my two professions and passions, guided tours and dance, which I love equally, and to pass my passion on to others. This is how the culture and dance retreat was born. I know from experience: to rest, having time to dance, and getting involved with your body is a deep human need. With my culture and dance retreats, I would like to make it possible for you to experience this in an inspiring environment shaped by nature, art, and culinary wealth.
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When? My culture and dance retreats take place every year, currently in summer.
Where? I always choose a new location for my culture and dance retreats. For now, I’m leading you to little undiscovered Italian gems.
What’s on the agenda? Dance/exercise (mainly in the morning), themed tours/excursions, relax, and indulge in culinary delights.
Who can participate? All people who are interested in movement and art.
Which dance do you learn? Silkdance, the silk dance is more than a dance. Silkdance is an attitude to live, travel, share, discover, experience enrichment and well-being and learn about other cultures.
How long does a culture and dance retreat last? 4 days to a week.

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