Silkdance Project

It is composed of 4 workshops, each one having a duration of 3 or 4 hours. During the “Silkdance Project”, participants will learn the Silkdance techniques and increase their knowledge of the different dances that inspired the Silkdance as well. The resulting choreography will be officially performed, with all the “Silkdance Project” participants, in Rome, Paris and Bern .

The “Silkdance Project” main objective is to create a common space for women coming from different Countries and having different ages, allowing them to cultivate their shared interest for the Silkdance.

The overall project, will be structured as follows:

  • Warming up activities suited to Silkdance movements
  • Silkdance techniques
  • Techniques and knowledge of the different dances which inspired the Silkdance
  • Creative side (requiring some “homeworks”)
  • Production of a coreography having a duration of 15 minutes .

For more information on dates and hour, please check the French, German or Italian section of the “Silkdance Project”.


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