Silk Touch


Julia and Khanthaly get together to propose seminars on massage and dance.

The fusion between  Julia  and  Khanthaly led to the birth of the Silk Touch.

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The « SilkTouch » offers the opportunity of discovering and experiencing the close connection existing between movement and massage.

According to our knowledge, dance and massage have never been associated before. However, it is highly known that their effects on the human body seem particularly complementary. So, let us propose you this interesting discovery and simoultaneously let’s think about the following key issues:

What happens if I press a specific part of my body?

What happens if I press it with more or less strenght?

Is this transforming or changing the quality of my movement?

To which extent?

What happens if I let myself be guided by someone else? What happens if I dance immersed in the nature to the rhythm of the wind?

How it is possible to understand the movement and its own effects through the reading of traditional Thai massage?

Which are the contributions of massage to my personal way of feeling during the execution of a movement?

A detailed work on this aspects will be useful to discover posture, tension releasing and free body language, through the execution of movements.

It will be a discovery of the benefits resulting from a cross-reflection between movement and touch.

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