Silkdance choreographic workshop

The Silkdance choreographic workshop aims to give birth to a group of dancers who are available to exhibit in dancing festivals, artistic and cultural events. The workshop will end with a final exhibition based on the performance of the subjects elaborated during the scheduled meetings.

The Silkdance choreographic workshop embraces all the different typologies of dances that share the spirit and the philosophy of the Silkdance: Middle East and Central Asia dances (Uzbek and Persian dances), fusion and Silkdance (a fusion created by Julia through the conjunction and the personal reinterpretation of the Silk Road dances, Bharata Nrytiam/ Karanas, Bharata Natyam, Egyptian dance, expressive dance and theatrical dance/Theater Tanz).

The Silkdance choreographic workshop is made up of monthly meetings of 3-4 hours each, where the participant will work (both individually and in group) on his\her own body through the execution of the movements that stimulate the expressivity and the creativity, as well as through the preparation of several choreographies.

In order to facilitate the scheduled activities of the Silkdance choreographic workshop, it is highly recommended to attend all the meetings as every single meeting will include the performance of specific subjects in view of the final exhibition.

The Silkdance choreographic workshop represents a clear opportunity of individual and collective work essentially focused on the preparation of the final exhibition, including the choice of suitable garments and make up. The overall activities will be enriched by a great deal of amusement and teamwork spirit as well.

This workshop is addressed to all the people that share an interest in the harmonic movement, dance, other cultures and the accomplishment of collective activities. Please note that it is required a background of at least two years of dance and/or physical activity.


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