Choreographic workshop

The laboratoire chorégraphique (choreographic workshop) aims to create a repertoire of dances specific to the philosophy of Silkdance (Asian-Oriental Dance Fusion): Oriental, Uzbek, Persian, Bharatanrityam and Asian-Oriental Dance Fusion.

It is built in several 3-hour workshops, in Paris, on certain predefined weekends from January to December, and ends with a show. During these workshops, each participant works:

  • individually, around the body and movement, to develop expressiveness and creativity;
  • in a group, with the implementation of different traditional choreographies but also contemporary interpretation choreographies.

The workshops include a practical dance part and a theoretical part, essential to understanding the culture of the traditional dances that will make up the repertoire.

In addition to the technical aspect, this laboratory offers a great experience of preparing for the stage, including reflection on costumes and make-up, enriching encounters, and above all, cultural “journeys”!

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