Silkdance: when the movement becomes art


The Silkdance © evokes a valuable fabric of light silk, free in space and in the wind; that touches gently and softly like snowflakes, feathers, or leaves of roses. Suddenly the wind becomes stronger and violent. The silk appears like flames, a sandstorm, spots of blood, an explosion of colors, as if painting the space. Every fabric is a new dance. Every dance is another color. The stage becomes a painting. The Silkdance celebrates the natural process of the silkworm which begins creating around itself a long long thread, as long as the long travel of the merchant of silk from the Orient to the Occident. A travel full of enrichment, exchange, meeting and collision of different cultures.


Julia created the Silkdance from her knowledge of the dance, music, art, and archeology born along the antique silk route, as well as from her desire to find a personal body language of expression and for her love for this countries and their art forms. This original concept of dance, like the flow of light silk, weaves movements between the dances of Asia and Middle East. It adopts techniques from the foundations of body expression from different cultures. The Silkdance is also influenced by the contemporary free dance and dance theater, making it a synthesis of the Orient and the Occident, past and present fused.


The music that accompanies the Silkdance often has classical and traditional foundations with a fusion of rhythms and melodies from these countries, and is played with many different instruments, where percussion takes a particularly important role.

© All rights reserved. Silkdance by Julia Haussener